Aliveness as a Spiritual Journey

Here’s a really cool quote found on Facebook by Matthew Weber
I think the psychological architecture to have, enjoy, draw strength from, and feel profound in having religious/spiritual experiences is something that’s hard wired within us for evolutionary reasons. Thus transformation rather than loss, in india.One possible solution (my personal favorite) would be to use a synthesis of psychology, philosophy, and (sometimes!) pharmacology to design a way of thinking about the world and behaving that fulfills such psychological architecture in an emotionally profound way, yet at the same time doesn’t mess with our ability to think critically about the world or distort our conception of the facts.

I think one of the beauties in Aliveness as I’ve encountered it is that it as a concept fits the above description.We can think spiritually about aliveness in that there is an experiential, deeply personal, intuitive and profound component of it that nurtures our personal development when taken seriously in martial arts- that when fully embraced seems to beat the religious high of any system of silly prearranged patterns and ancient dogma.

Yet at the same time, aliveness’ usefulness and demands are substantiated by claims that we can regularly test in an empirical manner.

Amen Matthew!