Attacking Upright Seated Guard

Attacking an upright guard can be a difficult proposition. The bottom guy is well protected and can attack readily. It feels a bit like sticking your head in a lion’s mouth if you are the passer and the bottom guy has game. If you are going to attack this kind of guard your first objective is to stay safe. Staying safe has 2 main concerns:

  1. Posture- What posture will keep me safe in this zone?
  2. Trouble- How do I know when I’m about to get in trouble?



In the pocket (what I call this range) you need to build a good posture to keep yourself safe. The following posture points are essential:

  • Never let your legs get paralell. Always have one leg out in front and your body bladed. This keeps the top guy from getting both your legs caught up.
  • Always make your rear leg unavailable. If he can’t get your rear leg it makes the shot more difficult. Your rear leg is essential in keeping you balanced. The guard player WILL grab your lead foot. It’s unavoidable. The rear foot should be off limits though.
  • Don’t let them get upper body attachment. If they grab your collar strip the grip right away. If you can’t strip it then you need to get your hips under your shoulders so you aren’t leaning forward. This will at least nullify the grip.
  • Don’t let them get their feet on your hips.
  • Don’t let them extend your arms. Keep your elbows at your hips.



Video of testing the guard passer’s game with pressure.


Here’s a video of some different options for attacking the guard when the top guy grabs your lead leg.


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