Back Attacks- Defending the Slump Posture

Back Attack- Seated with Hooks and Harness- Defending the Slump

I shot a quick video after class the other night outlining some material I covered in class that night. Specifically I worked on holding the back from a seated position with harness grip. I wanted to work on how to defend when the other guy slumps down as a defensive posture. It’s a fairly common defense and if you don’t know what do it can be really tough to launch an attack from here.

Hooks and harness from the seated position.

In the video I focus on regaining your grips and re-establishing your posture. At the end of the video I show one option for when the other guy slumps WAY down. If they get a really deep slump it can be difficult to pull them back up or establish your starting position. In the video I show a great alternative position for this scenario.

I hope to be able to update the blog a bit more in the coming months. Anyway, enjoy!