Sweep the Leg!

Watch the first part of the video  a few times and think about it for a bit. Is that good Jiu Jitsu? The video has been making the rounds of Facebook for a bit and the debate has started. Old school Jiu Jitsu players look on in disgust. Young tournament players say “what’s the big […]


At long last I sat down to write up about modifying the original 3P model. I think the original model is still a good model and works as well as it always has. I found though that it was missing something vital and that something vital needed a modification of the model in order to […]

Connection: The Ultimate Fundamental?

Back in April I had the great privilege of attending a Rickson Gracie seminar. I’m sure anyone reading this already knows what an important figure Rickson is to Jiu Jitsu and how difficult it is to get in front of him to learn Jiu jitsu. The experience was interesting. It didn’t go exactly as I […]

Competition Coaching

I’ve had the pleasure of attending more Jiu Jitsu competitions in the last year than all of my 20 years of grappling combined. I’ve  never been much for competition. It just never was fun for me. I tried it a few times way back in my Tae Kwon Do days and a couple of times […]

Survive, Defend, Attack

This post is going to be about a new paradigm idea I’ve been thinking about related to bottom position. I’ve been toying with the idea that all bottom positions are guards. That the distinction between guard and other bottom positions isn’t really necessary. Maybe mount bottom is just a really bad guard position? Anyway, I […]

Evaluate a gym in 5 minutes or less.

This post came about because of a series of discussions I had with people at the gym. I’ve been thinking about diversity on the mat ever since a big stink was made about Keith Owen and his comments about women not being able to make it in his classes. Georgette Oden did a nice job […]

Simple things you can do to improve your Jiu Jitsu game

Here’s a list of things I’ve learned from experience make a huge difference in getting good at BJJ. In no particular order- Slow down! I tend to try and roll at 70% or less most of the time. If you roll any harder than that you are most likely using strength, speed, and athleticism to […]

Performance Objective Coaching

A great fundamental question when thinking about what to teach in BJJ class is ” What should students know or be able to do when they finish my class?” This seems like a no brainer but as coaches we often don’t approach a lesson that way at all. More often than not we approach a […]

Aliveness as a Coaching Tool

I was participating in an online forum discussion on drilling recently and one of the posters commented that SBG tended to “overthink” drilling. I admit that when you look at all the material we have around drills it can look intimidating. If you look at the I Method, The 3 P model, the fundamental 5′s, […]

How Do You Measure Progress?

I’ve been thinking about this a bit. The answer of course is ” It depends?” BJJ has a built in process of belt progression to help but largely the process of gauging process is a deeply personal one. I firmly think that establishing your own personal way of measuring your progress in BJJ is essential […]

How to Roll

I’ve been thinking a bit about the idea of how to roll with different size and skill levels and still make each roll productive. I’m lucky at my gym to have a huge variety of guys to roll with. I get to roll with brand new beginners, huge athletic guys, advanced BJJ players, and everything […]

Drilling for Performance

I’ve been thinking a lot about drilling lately. Last week I did a coaching session at our SBGi Spring camp on drilling. I spent quite a bit of time thinking about drills leading up to camp. I really wanted to be able to lay out the how and why of drills. It seems that everyone […]

Bullshit Meter

I always tell students that anywhere from 5 to 95 % of what I say and teach in class is bullshit. It’s their job to sort that out for themselves. I say that in jest but it does have a ring of truth to it. I don’t want anyone to buy my truth as theirs […]

How to Be a Dick

Well, this was one of the most popular posts on the old blog so I thought I’d bring it over to the new. Enjoy! Here’s my list of some of the ways to be a real Dick when grappling. Make every roll feel like the finals at Mundial. ALWAYS bring your A game. Unless you […]


These are the 5 types of drills we use at SBG. Much of this material is taken from Matt Thornton, head instructor of SBG Portland and founder of SBGi. 1- Objective drills 2- Isolation drills 3- Call out drills 4- Re-set drills 5- Pocket drills 1- Objective drills: Objective drills are drills that focus on […]

I Method

The I method is the fundamental training method of the Straight Blast Gym. We use the I method because it’s a training tool that is  a very effective way of integrating Aliveness (Working with an resistant partner using timing, energy, and motion) into training. Below you will find a description of the 3 phases of […]

Posture, Pressure, Possibilities Model

Below you will find a detailed description of the 3P model I developed a while back. Before going into specifics I want to talk about why I developed it in the first place. I was somewhere around high purple belt or new brown belt at the time. Can’t quite remember. I had been teaching Jiu […]