Cross Side (Side Control) Bottom Frames

I shot these videos a while ago and never had the chance to write up a post so here it is… Cross side bottom is a game I’ve been really working lately. I don’t end up there a lot in sparring anymore but I’m interested in it a lot as a coach. White belts need […]

What if There is No Guard?

Think of it as a thought experiment. What if there is no guard? What if the objectives from the bottom were the same no matter what the position? What if guard was the same as cross sides bottom? How could that be? These are some questions that I’ve been asking myself lately. I have a […]

Cross Sides Bottom Series, escaping tight crossface pressure.

In this video I’ll go over how to create frames when you are really getting crossfaced tightly by the top guy. This makes it really hard to find a way to wedge in for inserting frames. You’ll see a couple of great ways of making space that are high percentage and easy to do. ┬áMy […]

Cross Sides Bottom Series, Post 2- Short Frames

In this video I’ll show how to build short frames from cross side bottom. I’ve found these frames to be extremely effective. The location of the frame in the armpit generates tremendous force and opens up a lot of space. Once you unlock the top guy from your upper body you’ll find plenty of room […]

Cross Sides Bottom Series, Post 1- Posture

This is going to be the first detail post on cross sides bottom. It’s a position that I’ve been working quite a bit in my coaching and rolling lately. After being a black belt for a few years I’m starting to enjoy working from the bottom again. I think that maybe now that I don’t […]

Frames From Cross Sides Bottom Overview

For my first post of the newly relaunched website I wanted to focus on frames from cross sides bottom. A year or so ago I was going over some material from a brilliant SBG coach from the UK named Karl Tanswell. He did a seminar on half guard bottom where he introduced something he called […]

Class 03/15/2011- Cross Sides Bottom

This week I worked cross sides bottom. I decided this week to break the position up into 3 stages: Early, mid, and late. The idea is that you will do slightly different things depending on where you are in defending. The early defense is slightly different than what you do if you catch the position […]