Triangle Choke Fundamentals

Way back in the day when I was a purple belt I did a lot of triangle chokes. Chances are if I was lucky enough to tap you out it was with a triangle choke from guard bottom. Probably 8 out of 10 taps were triangles.  For some reason this sub just caught on with […]

Omoplata Basics

*** Well, a friend pointed out that the bumper at the beginning of the videos says The Genle Art instead of The Gentle Art. Dang! I’ll fix when I get a chance. In the meantime sorry about the typo.   It was submission week this week in class and I decided to teach some basic […]

What if There is No Guard?

Think of it as a thought experiment. What if there is no guard? What if the objectives from the bottom were the same no matter what the position? What if guard was the same as cross sides bottom? How could that be? These are some questions that I’ve been asking myself lately. I have a […]

Guard Retention

I was looking through some of my old videos on Youtube today and found a whole set on guard retention strategies. I liked some of what was there but was horrified at how wordy I was in the videos. I decided to cut the videos together and eliminate most of the talking. Below you will […]

Upright Guard Vs Combat Base

This week the topic was seated upright guard. On monday I did some work with the butterfly guard. I have a post here outlining that matierial as I usually teach it already. On tuesday I decided to do something a bit different. I wanted to work the upright guard position vs combat base. Lots of […]

Class 05/30/2011- Guard Retention and Recovery

This week was guard bottom week. I decided that on Monday’s class I’d focus on guard retention. I describe guard retention as fighting to get the guy re-centered and squared up between your legs. You have a grip and 3 points of contact. If you have all of that you have guard. If you don’t […]

Open Guard Bottom Tips

This week in BJJ the topic was open guard. Now that’s a huge topic. I personally find it quite overwhelming. How can you teach anything fundamental or useful about such a big topic? It’s the week I struggle with the most actually. There is so much material that could be covered that it’s hard to […]

Class 03/10/2011- Half Guard Bottom

This week’s class was half guard bottom. I really wanted to find some fundamentals to teach this week. I did NOT want to have to rely on teaching high percentage techniques. I wanted to give students something from the position that would make them functional right away. The easiest way to look at the position […]