Half Guard Bottom Leg Fighting

One of the things that beginners often don’t know how to do is to leg fight from half guard bottom. We are by nature upper body centric and sometimes it doesn’t even occur to us that we can use our feet and legs in much the same way we use our arms. In this video […]

Half Guard Bottom and Distance Management

For this post you’ll find a series of videos detailing half guard bottom and distance management. I was thinking the other day as I was preparing for class on how to teach distance management as it relates to self defense and half guard bottom. In it’s simplest form jiu jitsu is about managing space. Sometimes […]

Half Guard Bottom Frames and Posture Concepts- There is no guard

I finally had a chance to shoot something related to my “There is no guard” post. You’ll want to have that background before you read this post so if you haven’t read it yet go over there and give it a read. I’m continuing to work to find some universal concepts from bottom that can […]

What if There is No Guard?

Think of it as a thought experiment. What if there is no guard? What if the objectives from the bottom were the same no matter what the position? What if guard was the same as cross sides bottom? How could that be? These are some questions that I’ve been asking myself lately. I have a […]

Half Guard Bottom “A” Game

This week was half guard bottom week. I decided to take a different tact this week. I taught some new material. I had been thinking a bit about half guard bottom and how we teach it. I usually teach the stone squirrel game from here which is a fundamental bottom survival game. The problem with […]