Relaxion: Relaxation + Connection

A friend and I were working some Jiu Jitsu and jokingly came up with the term relaxion. It’s a contraction of relaxation and connection. It’s a crazy wonderful jiu jitsu paradigm for all top positions. I’ll attempt to detail it in the videos below. Relaxation Relaxation is a super important principle in jiu jitsu for […]

Z Guard (knee shield guard) Top

In class last week I did a lesson on Z guard top. I have my own favorite ways of dealing with this position from the top but I was interested in what kinds of things other instructors were teaching. I looked at a bunch of videos online to see what techniques were out there. After […]

Class 12/08/2011- Half Guard Top, the three spots on the map analogy

Well, I finally got a chance to make some more video for the blog. I’ve been working on a few other things lately and haven’t had much time to give this blog much attention. I hope I can start getting back to more regular posting. Anyway, this week we were working on half guard top. […]