Mount Bottom Elbow Frames

In the video below I’m going to show you what I think is the most important part to mount bottom survival and escape. If you are doing the things I show in the video you are on your way towards escape. If you aren’t then you are in trouble. It’s as simple as that. The […]

Mount Bottom Leg Fighting

In the video below I’ll detail how to use your legs in mount bottom. If you do what I describe in the video you will be well on your way to escape. I’ve been interested lately in really detailing positions and finding exactly what works and why. Instead of teaching escapes as moves I’m more […]

Mount Bottom- The 2 postures, 2 frames, 2 pressures, and 2 frame locations

This week we were working mount bottom. I wanted to simplify a bit the way I taught it. In thinking about it from a posture/pressure perspective I came to the conclusion that I could teach the whole position by addressing pairs of postures, frames, pressures, and frame locations. I realized that this set of pairs […]

Mount Bottom Frames

Here’s a video I shot after class one day outlining use of arm frames in mount bottom. I really got thinking about framing after Karl Tanswell introduced the idea to me. I introduce the idea of long and short frame and the different objectives of frames from 3 different mount bottom positions.