Relaxion: Relaxation + Connection

A friend and I were working some Jiu Jitsu and jokingly came up with the term relaxion. It’s a contraction of relaxation and connection. It’s a crazy wonderful jiu jitsu paradigm for all top positions. I’ll attempt to detail it in the videos below. Relaxation Relaxation is a super important principle in jiu jitsu for […]

Collar Choke from Mount

I don’t often do submission videos. There are really too many of them online now as it is. I’ll make an exception for this one because it really solved a problem for me and might help you as well. Below you will see a version of the collar choke from mount that I developed because […]

Holding Mount Top

This week was mount week in BJJ. I taught top position on Monday and escape and survival on Tuesday. I looked around the net to see if I could find some good information on holding mount top. I wanted some structural stuff about how to build the posture from top position. I didn’t really find […]