Quarter Position Top- Creating Good Attachment

This week we worked on quarter position (turtle guard). It’s an interesting position because your opponent is balled up and in maximum protection mode. For a beginner it’s hard to figure out how to attack this position. This can be made worse by the fact that good Jiu Jitsu guys will play possum here and […]

Back Attacks- Defending the Slump Posture

Back Attack- Seated with Hooks and Harness- Defending the Slump I shot a quick video after class the other night outlining some material I covered in class that night. Specifically I worked on holding the back from a seated position with harness grip. I wanted to work on how to defend when the other guy […]

Back Attacks

Back control with hooks in is a very powerful position in BJJ. From here your opponent has almost no attacks available to him. The position works against his body mechanics in such a way as to render him fairly helpless. In BJJ it is considered to be the ultimate position by most people. Because of […]