Class 03/15/2011- Cross Sides Bottom

This week I worked cross sides bottom. I decided this week to break the position up into 3 stages: Early, mid, and late. The idea is that you will do slightly different things depending on where you are in defending. The early defense is slightly different than what you do if you catch the position late. Here is how I broke it down:


Intro video describing the day’s lesson and the 3 stages of fight from cross sides bottom



I describe early cross sides bottom as having the top person already past your guard. They have not blocked out your guard by placing thier hand, knee or hip next to yours. They have not captured your upper body. You are up on your side and not flat. If this is the case then your posture looks like this:

  • Up on your hip.
  • Bottom elbow to knee
  • Rear leg in kickstand posture.
  • Top arm helps prevent the crossface.

Video of Early Posture Drill

Second Drill From Posture

Q and A With More Detail on Bottom Arm Posture


Middle Fight

I describe middle fight as the top person blocking out my hip from pulling guard without having control of my upper body. I am still on my side. This position makes it hard to pull guard but still allows going to quarter position. We’ll try to build a posture as close to our first one as possible. We’ve already given up the space next to our hip so it’s very important to prevent the cross face here. The paw grip and Stephen Hawking (sorry Stephen!) head are vital.

Video of this Posture and Pressure

Drilling the Position

Details About Hip Position and Body Angle

Jeremy Shows Detail about Preventing Hooks When going to Quarters

Late Cross Sides Bottom

I describe late cross sides bottom as the top guy having blocked out my hip and captured my upper body. I’m flat on my back. When you get caught flat your job is all about making frames. Frames will create space for you to move and escape. Without effective frames here you won’t get out.

Video of Base Frames from Bottom

Alternative Frame from Bottom


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