Cross Sides Bottom Series, Post 1- Posture

This is going to be the first detail post on cross sides bottom. It’s a position that I’ve been working quite a bit in my coaching and rolling lately. After being a black belt for a few years I’m starting to enjoy working from the bottom again. I think that maybe now that I don’t HAVE to be there I can find it an enjoyable place to work. I’ll find myself happily working from the bottom exploring posture and frames. I want to start sharing much of what I found.

This first post is going to be short. That doesn’t mean it isn’t valuable. It’s likely the most important post in the upcoming series. The initial posture is the root of the whole series. Without it none of the rest will work properly. I always tell my students that if you are doing Jiu Jitsu correctly then the posture will take care of 80% of the situation. I think that’s more true in bottom escapes than anywhere else. In the video I’ll describe the two basic postures in Jiu Jitsu. It sounds like not much but I can tell you from experience that much of the improvement in my game since black belt has been in figuring out when to apply which of these postures and getting better at applying them consistently.

After watching the video try when you find yourself in cross sides bottom to build the posture as best you can and see how it goes.