Guard Retention

I was looking through some of my old videos on Youtube today and found a whole set on guard retention strategies. I liked some of what was there but was horrified at how wordy I was in the videos. I decided to cut the videos together and eliminate most of the talking. Below you will find the video. Much better.

Guard retention is an interesting subject. For beginners they are either in guard or cross sides bottom. The in between battle that happens when a guy passes your hip but hasn’t established a good top control is the realm of guard retention. Really for me guard retention is the thing that begins to separate the blue belt from the purple belt. Purple belts have it and blue belts generally don’t.

How do you know when you are in guard recovery? If the other guy is between your legs you are in guard. If he’s no longer between both your legs then you are in recovery. Simple as that. The key to guard recovery  is hip movement. It always is. Everything worth doing in life involves hip movement I think.

The transition for the top guy is that he needs to crowd your hip and then he needs to lock down your upper body while still crowding your hip. The thing the bottom guy needs to do is to uncrowd his hip early. That’s what guard retention is. Uncrowd your hip and regain guard. Look for that in the video below. You’ll see that principle over and over. Sorry if there’s still too much talking. 🙂

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  1. I just discovered this site after doing a search for some guard recovery concepts and techniques… this is exactly what I was seeking. Thanks for posting this…

    Very good site… looks to be a lot of useful information.

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