Mount Bottom Leg Fighting

In the video below I’ll detail how to use your legs in mount bottom. If you do what I describe in the video you will be well on your way to escape. I’ve been interested lately in really detailing positions and finding exactly what works and why. Instead of teaching escapes as moves I’m more interested in universal principles and the why of jiu jitsu. I’m finding that as I age I no longer feel the luxury of time. I don’t feel like I have enough time to build a game based on adding more and more techniques to my arsenal. I have to be selective.

The selectivity has caused me to do the opposite. I’m gradually making my game smaller and taking the things I keep and making them more versatile. I want fewer tools of higher quality. This is interesting because it’s mirroring the rest of my life. I’m wanting to simplify and have fewer things. When you do that you can focus on keeping those things that are high quality and have value. This leg fighting scenario you’ll see below is that. It’s high quality and long lasting.