Mount Bottom- The 2 postures, 2 frames, 2 pressures, and 2 frame locations

This week we were working mount bottom. I wanted to simplify a bit the way I taught it. In thinking about it from a posture/pressure perspective I came to the conclusion that I could teach the whole position by addressing pairs of postures, frames, pressures, and frame locations. I realized that this set of pairs really addresses all the basics from the position and give a beginner a set of tools that they can use right away.

2 Postures

The two postures are designed to be a platform from which you can stay safe AND launch escape attempts. Basically if you aren’t in one of these two postures you need to get to them in order to begin an escape attempt.

Posture 1

This is your flat on your back posture. It’s key points are the following:

  • feet up close to your rear end. Up on your toes. Best to get inside the top guys feet so he can’t touch his toes together.
  • Elbows on the mat. Keep them on the mat as they should be framing against the knees. They also need to go on the inside of the knees and not the outside.
  • Close up the space behind the neck. Don’t let the top guy underhook your head.


This is your up on your side posture. In this posture you drop your front leg and make it flat to the mat. Get your back side hip up and get on your side. Your back side elbow has to move up to the hip and frame there. You are still closing off the space behind your head to prevent the crossface.


2 Pressures

The 2 big pressures from here are the upa and the shrimp. Upas are important because they activate frames. The upa creates the space and the frame holds the space while you withdraw. Often the shrimp is used to withdraw. Make sure that when you upa you upa into your opponent and not straight up into the air. In the case of mount make your upa favor one side. Don’t upa straight upwards. This won’t give you the proper space to insert your frames and move away.

2 Frames

In BJJ there are only 2 kinds of frames. We have short frames using the elbow and long frames using the straight arm. That’s it! A frame is a structure that you build with your arms. It is put in place by an upa. Once in place you move your body away from it. It is designed to hold space once you make it. Without the frame the other guy can quickly close up the space once you create it.

Short frame

Short frames on the knees using the elbows.

Long Frame

Long frame from posture 1. Framing against the hips. Using upa to put the frames in place.

Long frame from posture 2. Using the fully extended arm to frame against the knee. Shrimp pressure to escape the hips.

2 Frame Locations

In mount bottom the 2 locations for your frames are on the knee and on the hip. Never frame above the hip as this will make your arms available for harvesting. You can use the short or long frames in these places depending on how much room you have.

Video of Concepts

Mount Bottom Postures, Pressures, and Frames from cane prevost on Vimeo.

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