North South Bottom- Posture Pressure Escapes

Below you will find a short video I shot describing some simple frame, posture, and pressure concepts for escaping north south bottom. As always when I teach something I usually like to start with posture and not techniques. The idea is that if you start with good posture and learn how to add pressure from that good posture then the techniques will either be self evident or at least easier to remember. The posture pressure method gives you a solid framework for attaching the technique to.


There are a few key points to north south bottom posture. Your hands are in boxing position. This makes your arms harder to harvest and it allows you to create an initial frame. You want your elbows to be as close together as possible. This keeps the top guy from getting chest to chest contact. Bring your feet up as close to your rear as possible. This gets you ready for an upa.

Elbows close together. This prevents bottom guy from getting chest to chest contact.


Our initial pressure is an upa. We use the upa for one thing only at this point. We are using it to build frames. The frames are used to create some space for hip movement. Our frames are built with our elbows (short frames). We can place them in different spots depending on how deep the top guy is.

Basically you upa hard and extend your elbows from your body while in the top of the upa. Then you drop your hips but leave your elbows where they are. The top guy is resting on your elbows.

Upa pressure to set up frames.

Upa pressure to set up frames.


Once you build your frames you have room for your hips to move. Use a pendulum motion to get up on your side. As you do this shoot your bottom arm under your body and tuck it into your hip.

Tuck in the bottom elbow hard. Get up on your side.


Pendulum pressure in action. Extend the legs out and keep them together. Move them back and forth like a pendulum to generate momentum.

Tuck posture built.

Leg catch: This is the best conclusion to the turn to quarter position. Instead of hunkering down in quarter position bottom and trying to fight from there I find it way more productive to instead immediately look for the ankle when you get to your knees. You can circle to that side as you reach with your hand to find the ankle. This will allow you to drive forward hard and end up on top.

Reaching for the anke here as I circle to that side.

Circling towards the captured ankle.

Foot goes over and replaces the hand on the ankle. This will allow me to get an underhook and drive hard.

Underhook obtained. Ready to drive.

Forward drive forces bottom guy to go over.

That’s the basic escape sequence from north south bottom. Everything else that people teach can hang onto that sequence. This is what I teach to beginners and what I use in my personal game. I think it’s the most high percentage way to deal with this particular position. The video below explains all these concepts and goes into a bit more detail.