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It's been about 3 years since I've regularly updated the site. It was time for a relaunch. I've learned so much about the art since then. I'm excited to share all my new discoveries with you.

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Welcome. This is the personal blog of Cane Prevost. The blog will be my place on the web to write down my thoughts on teaching and learning the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Who am I?
I'm a high school teacher, father, and BJJ coach. I live in Portland Oregon and train at Straight Blast Gym.

What's this blog for?
I envision this blog as a place where I can share my experiences with learning to teach the art of Jiu Jitsu. My goal is to simplify the art and make it accessible to anyone. I truly believe that Jiu Jitsu is governed by a set of fundamental principles of posture and pressure that anyone can learn with the right guidance. Join me in the journey as I try to make the art as simple as I can but no simpler than necessary. .

Where am I?
I live in Portland Oregon and coach at Straight Blast Gym. I also teach at The Center for Advanced Learning.


70%…. That’s my number. I don’t ever like to roll more than 70% effort. If I can’t beat you with that kind of effort than I’d rather not. It’s not worth it to me. Sounds strange? Maybe it is. There is a reason for it though. I think it’s a good threshold number for me. […]

Mount Bottom- The 2 postures, 2 frames, 2 pressures, and 2 frame locations

This week we were working mount bottom. I wanted to simplify a bit the way I taught it. In thinking about it from a posture/pressure perspective I came to the conclusion that I could teach the whole position by addressing pairs of postures, frames, pressures, and frame locations. I realized that this set of pairs […]

Class 09/12/2011- North South Bottom

This week was North South week in BJJ class. I decided to focus on bottom escapes. My goal as usual was to build on an idea of posture and pressure rather than string together a bunch of techniques. As always happens in class I often start with an idea that’s not quite fully fleshed out […]

Class 07/11/2011-Cross Sides Top,shoulder of justice, coffin hand, prybar

This week’s topic was cross sides top. I decided to use the fundamental 5 for holding top as the main organizer for curriculum. I knew I couldn’t get through the entire 5 in one class but I would try to get as far as I could. My goal was to address posture and pressure fundamentals. […]

Standing in Closed Guard

Standing up inside of closed guard has never been a go to position for me. I’ve always felt off balance when standing. I also don’t feel comfortable going upright. I feel like I could get swept at any time. Instead of abandoning the position entirely I decided to work it from a posture-pressure perspective. What […]

Upright Guard Vs Combat Base

This week the topic was seated upright guard. On monday I did some work with the butterfly guard. I have a post here outlining that matierial as I usually teach it already. On tuesday I decided to do something a bit different. I wanted to work the upright guard position vs combat base. Lots of […]

Class 05/30/2011- Guard Retention and Recovery

This week was guard bottom week. I decided that on Monday’s class I’d focus on guard retention. I describe guard retention as fighting to get the guy re-centered and squared up between your legs. You have a grip and 3 points of contact. If you have all of that you have guard. If you don’t […]

The Fallacy of Technique

The Plan Back when I was a blue belt I developed a great idea of how to get good at BJJ. I decided that the way to get good was to collect techniques. I’d collect a set of high percentage techniques from each position and I’d add a technique or two at a time until […]

Aliveness as a Coaching Tool

I was participating in an online forum discussion on drilling recently and one of the posters commented that SBG tended to “overthink” drilling. I admit that when you look at all the material we have around drills it can look intimidating. If you look at the I Method, The 3 P model, the fundamental 5′s, […]

The Gift of Age

43 is not old. Not in most everyday situations I find myself in. I can walk, talk, think, and move around this world every bit as good as I did in my 20’s. In some areas of my life though 43 is old. In the realm of athletics I can’t think of many sports where […]

Aliveness as a Spiritual Journey

Here’s a really cool quote found on Facebook by Matthew Weber I think the psychological architecture to have, enjoy, draw strength from, and feel profound in having religious/spiritual experiences is something that’s hard wired within us for evolutionary reasons. Thus transformation rather than loss, in india.One possible solution (my personal favorite) would be to use […]

Don’t Let the Tap Get in the Way

I got a chance to roll last night with a really good purple belt. It was a very pleasurable experience. Sometimes when you are rolling with someone it’s an uncomfortable fight. Sometimes it’s just plain fun. To those who don’t train it would seem counter intuitive to think that you could be engaged in a […]

How Do You Measure Progress?

I’ve been thinking about this a bit. The answer of course is ” It depends?” BJJ has a built in process of belt progression to help but largely the process of gauging process is a deeply personal one. I firmly think that establishing your own personal way of measuring your progress in BJJ is essential […]

Holding Mount Top

This week was mount week in BJJ. I taught top position on Monday and escape and survival on Tuesday. I looked around the net to see if I could find some good information on holding mount top. I wanted some structural stuff about how to build the posture from top position. I didn’t really find […]

Open Guard Bottom Tips

This week in BJJ the topic was open guard. Now that’s a huge topic. I personally find it quite overwhelming. How can you teach anything fundamental or useful about such a big topic? It’s the week I struggle with the most actually. There is so much material that could be covered that it’s hard to […]

Back Escapes

I’ll look at 2 different ways of escaping back position. Once comes from Saolo Ribero via his University book. The other comes from my coach Matt Thornton. Both are excellent methods of escaping when someone has their hooks in. I’ll look at each from a posture and pressure prospective. Don’t forget to turn your bullshit […]

Quarter Position Bottom

Worked quarter position bottom last night. I wanted to make the lesson concise and not cover the whole roadmap. My intent was to give students something they could use right away that was effective and easy to remember. I focused on the front zone. That’s the zone from quarter bottom where the top guy is […]

How to Roll

I’ve been thinking a bit about the idea of how to roll with different size and skill levels and still make each roll productive. I’m lucky at my gym to have a huge variety of guys to roll with. I get to roll with brand new beginners, huge athletic guys, advanced BJJ players, and everything […]

Attacking Upright Seated Guard

Attacking an upright guard can be a difficult proposition. The bottom guy is well protected and can attack readily. It feels a bit like sticking your head in a lion’s mouth if you are the passer and the bottom guy has game. If you are going to attack this kind of guard your first objective […]

Knee Ride Bottom

I shot these short videos a while back. Just getting around to writing up the post. I’ll have to make it quick. Hopefully the video explains the concepts well enough. As always I like to start any talk of escapes with posture. I’ll outline a couple of knee ride bottom postures. In thinking about the […]


    • Thanks Georgette. I’m going to archive the old site and move the best stuff over to the new one. Probably will take a while. Don’t have as much time as I’d like.

  1. from sweden.
    im not training in a sbgi affiliate school,but i have found your instructionals very helpful and more importantly easy to understand.
    great work,and looking forward to more solid fundamentals.

  2. Hi, I came across your site and wasn’t able to get an email address to contact you. Would you please consider adding a link to my website on your page. We are happy to offer you a 10% discount to our Online Store if you do so. Please email me back and I would be happy to give you our link.



  3. Love the new site already! Looking forward to seeing more. I’m considering the same transition. I’ve had the .com for almost a year, but haven’t had the courage to make the jump. Any advice?

  4. Hi Cane, firstly I have followed your blog for quite some time, even at the old site! 🙂 Just thought I’d say keep up the great work and I look forward to your next post!
    Kind Regards
    P.S. I often recommend my students check out your site too, particularly my trainee coaches!

    • I have some new guard passing material ready to go. I’ll try to shoot it when we get there in a couple of weeks. Thanks!

    • Trying to get to it Mike. Finding I don’t have as much time as I used to for blog updates. 🙁 Thanks for checking in.

  5. Cane, awesome stuff – just finished the Mediocre BJJ Student blog and sifted through the Philosophical rants. Would it be alright to interview you about your blog on my blog? Hopefully it would get more readers. I’ve done some recent blogs about “BJJ nerd” sites (with Georgette, the guys from Jiu Jitsu Labs, etc…)

    Be well and keep writing up a storm here.

  6. Hi Sensei Cane. I am from HK and tried your class in Portland before. I will stay in Portland on 1/12-13. Will you have class on these2 days?

  7. Hi Cane,
    Glad I found your website very straight forward and detailed.
    My question is how do you get off people’s grips/resistance when I am trying to apply the technique it seems a bit frustrating when I am learning the technique and yet does not necessarily work when rolling live especially with guys twice my size. Can you give me some tips and insights on how to grip fight? Thanks I would really appreciate it.

    • Alex,
      The key to dealing with grips is to address them right away. A quick trip to youtube will show you some specific techniques but essentially when someone establishes a grip you have to either strip it, regrip it, or neutralize it with a superior grip. That’s all there is.

  8. Hi, I just wanted to say I really enjoy your posts. I’m based here in sydney australia and I started my bjj journey a few years ago, but it was a stop and go kind of involvement. Last year I decided to go back and was consistent for abput 6 months but in the beginning of this year life comittments came in the way so I had to stop for a few months but I’ve gone back to training as of last week. I often think/read that blog article of yours – how to be a great mediocre bjj student, the tips and advice you gave were so valuable especially the one about the 3 p’s and being consistent (even if it means going twice a week). I think its realistic and so practical and to be honest your blog brings a breath of fresh air and is a pleasant change from the other posts out there (which I feel arent realistic for those of us who have full time jobs). Thanks again and keep doing what your doing!

  9. Hi Cane,

    This is a long letter, please take your time on getting back to me. I need some advice regarding changing bjj schools. There is a school that I have been training at on and off for the past three years that’s 30 min. from my house. Overall the main instructor is a decent coach that has a good curriculum. Promotions are based on mat time and how well students do in rolling. Although I have been a lot more consistent attending classes this past year, I have had thoughts about eventually leaving the gym for good. There have been many times where I have walked out of feeling crappy and depressed. More than once, the main instructor has had a vibe that I’m an nuisance to him. He has come up to talk to me before and walks away after a few seconds. The last time we talked, he rolled his eyes when I attempted to carry a conversation further after he started talking to me. I don’t like to make excuses not to train, but when I attend his classes I feel judged and uncomfortable most of the time. I don’t feel I have ever done anything to cause this tension. I even took 12 private sessions with him when I first started. It’s not just him that has made me think about leaving, there have been other factors leading up to it. The only thing that has kept me from leaving has been my progress and meeting some cool people. Including two of the other coaches that I get along with better.
    Just a few months ago, a new bjj gym opened up that’s less than 10 min. from my house. I went to train there twice this past week and found it to be quite enjoyable. The instructor is a two stripe brown belt who was very welcoming as well as the other students. The atmosphere is much different and I’m definitely considering on making this my main school. The only thing I’m concerned about is how belt promotions are handled. It is done through tests that doesn’t involve rolling, only drilling on a non resistant opponent. Which would make me question on whether or not I would be a legit blue belt and so on. The coach did say that these tests are mostly taken after I’ve continued to progress further in rolling. An example he gave was if I tap out a higher rank that’s the same size of me, it’s an indication that I’m getting closer to the next level. Also that there is no pressure for me to tap out a much bigger and stronger opponent that’s also a higher rank, but to just survive against them. I do feel better that I would have to keep being efficient in rolling, but I still have my doubts. There are pros and cons of each of the gyms. Please give me some insight on what you would do in this case. Thank you for your time.

    • This is an easy one. Go to the gym where they treat you well and you enjoy the vibe. Belt ranks are not your concern in any way. It’s the instructors job to make sure you are at the level you need in order to advance. If he advances you improperly it’s his fault and not yours in any way. The only thing to do is to attend to your training and when given a new belt tie it on graciously and keep training.

      • Thank you for getting back to me. You’re right that me being promoted is out of my hands, which actually takes a lot of pressure off. Now I can actually enjoy my training in a more pleasant environment. Thanks again.

  10. I don’t understand the article “20 week curriculum”. Is there a curriculum? There is only 17 links under the headline? Does SBG have a curriculum?

    (I am thinking of using SBG coaching method to teach my self…I have Martin Aedma to help me some times… or atleast I hope so.)

  11. Great site, awesome coaching articles and i think your honesty in the part time black belt blog is spot on.

    Many thanks


  12. What is the order you tackle fundamentals?
    What do you teach first and why? What is the logic behind selecting subject for curriculum?

    • I try to tackle fundamentals in the order that they arise on the mat. Easy to say and hard to do. As for curriculum I mainly work with a rotating curriculum that repeats every 13 weeks. It allows for some variation but the topics stay the same.

      • Thank you for your reply. I am trying to plan a class for juniors 13 – 18 years. (It’s a big variation, but comes from administrative issues.) I will start the group as a totally new group in a wrestling club and it will be nogi for again “political reasons” – fits in easier with others than a gi.

        I am planning to do very much SBG type of approach – as I understand it after reading your blog and lots of Stephen Whittiers instructions and some lessons from Martin Aedma.

        For curriculum it’s very much major positions – posture, pressure, angle, balance (unbalancing) and connection – feel of partners reactions.

        13 weeks sounds a good period, but might need inner circles to recab the fundamentals? I like the idea how gracie university has planned their lessons 123,234,345,451,512, 678,789…
        So they have techniques that they come back to. I don’t think teaching “techniques” or moves are the goal, but coming back to a subject or a fundamental might be.

        Again…basic premise being “teach in the order they arise on the mat”. Would mean that you need to introduce situations where “problems or challanges” arise in a logical order. (Or you just tackle the ones that make the most sense.)

        Love your daughters vids 🙂 Very good for my future group.

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