Quarter Position Bottom

Worked quarter position bottom last night. I wanted to make the lesson concise and not cover the whole roadmap. My intent was to give students something they could use right away that was effective and easy to remember. I focused on the front zone. That’s the zone from quarter bottom where the top guy is in front to about 45 degrees to either side. I taught 3 escape techniques from there.



  • Keep the other guy in front. This is your best spot to be in. You can use both your hands and have multiple escape routes.
  • Go deep. If your head is touching his hip then he can’t attack your neck easily.
  • If you can’t go deep then be pulling guard always. Always be pulling guard. This makes the top guy less mobile and prevents him from being able to use his hands as well on you. Since he needs to lift his weight slightly to grab at your neck if you are always threatening guard then he’ll be more tentative.
  • Don’t sit still! Move. Always be looking to improve your position.
  • Protect your neck.


The pressure from here is simply driving forward into the guy and catching the leg. Keep your head on the inside to prevent him from attacking your neck. You’ll either get a leg catch or he’ll sprawl. Either way will present an opportunity for escape.


Turn the Corner

If you are in good posture and driving forward the best objective is to capture one of the top guy’s legs and turn him over. This is the highest percentage move from here. Remember to keep your head inside to protect from attack.

Foot vs. Leg Grab-

Some will tell you to never grab the leg as the top guy can sprawl out. That is partly true. He can sprawl out more easily if you grab the leg instead of the foot. However, the leg is easier to grab and if you hit the move right away then this is usually not a problem. In coaching I like to teach grabbing the leg as I can use one objective for teaching both the turn the corner and the capture the leg move. It simplifies the teaching and learning. Experiment for yourself to see which you like better…

Head is in tight to hip. Reach and grab the leg behind the knee.

An alternative is to grab the foot. Some people like this better as it makes it harder for the top guy to sprawl his leg out. It’s harder to get to usually though.

Lift your leg and attach the left shoulder to the thigh. That’s the pivot point. Begin to turn the corner and run towards his back.

Scoop the leg to keep him from turning towards you and take the back.

Capture the Leg

This is a high percentage move if you go to it right away. As soon as you land in quarters you drive forward and catch the leg. The longer you wait to try this move the harder it is to hit. Once you suck the leg in so that the knee is touching your chest the top guy is done. He doesn’t have the leverage to sprawl out of it.

Suck the leg in tight to your chest. Keep your head in the center.

Once you suck the leg in tight move it in towards the center line. Then a small shove with your head will turn him over.

Sit Out

The sit out is a great move. I’m old and slow so I have to do it a bit differently than wrestlers do. I don’t do it as a timing move. If I have to beat the other guy to the punch with it I’ll lose more often than I’d like. Instead, I change up a couple of things to make it available as a slower moving technique. This makes it more adaptable to guys who didn’t wrestle in high school.

The sit out is perfect for when the top guy sprawls out so that you can’t get to his leg. Or, if you get a leg but he sprawls out to block it.

The first step os to peek out the side. When you do this your inside arm will lengthen and you’ll be able to grab his leg with it. This is crucial because this grab prevents him from spinning to your back. It slows things down for you.

As you bring your inside leg through to the sit out make sure you look towards the ceiling and attach the back of your head to his back. Over exaggerate the sit out motion.

This is a good triple attack series. If you work it consistently and go right away as you land in quarters bottom you’ll spend way less time hanging out there trying to keep the top guy from breaking you down. I didn’t cover pulling guard from this position. It’s always an option though. Any time the top guy removes his weight from your back it’s right there.

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