Quarter Position Top- Creating Good Attachment

This week we worked on quarter position (turtle guard). It’s an interesting position because your opponent is balled up and in maximum protection mode. For a beginner it’s hard to figure out how to attack this position. This can be made worse by the fact that good Jiu Jitsu guys will play possum here and wait until you attach to them then they’ll attack. I wanted to address the position by working on attachment. There are quite a few good videos online that show submissions, back takes, turn overs and more from here but not a lot that show more fundamental topics like how to approach and attach to the bottom guy well.

Learning how to submit or turn over a guy in quarter position is all well and good but if you can move in and get a good solid attachment that doesn’t allow them offense from there then it’s always a gamble. If you know how to approach the position and you can get a dominant attachment it gives you plenty of time to work. Otherwise you will likely induce a scramble and then the prize goes to the more athletic player.

In the video below I focussed on side control from quarter position top. I think it’s the more prevalent way of attaching for most Jiu Jitsu players. It’s nice because the path to the back is easy from here and it offers the most amount of possibilities. If you want to learn to work from here I’d suggest that you take your time and work on attachment and holding. Getting good at that part of the game makes a lot of space for you to work the other fun stuff like subs and reversals.