Competition Coaching

I’ve had the pleasure of attending more Jiu Jitsu competitions in the last year than all of my 20 years of grappling combined. I’ve  never been much for competition. It just never was fun for me. I tried it a few times way back in my Tae Kwon Do days and a couple of times […]

Relaxion: Relaxation + Connection

A friend and I were working some Jiu Jitsu and jokingly came up with the term relaxion. It’s a contraction of relaxation and connection. It’s a crazy wonderful jiu jitsu paradigm for all top positions. I’ll attempt to detail it in the videos below. Relaxation Relaxation is a super important principle in jiu jitsu for […]

Half Guard Bottom Leg Fighting

One of the things that beginners often don’t know how to do is to leg fight from half guard bottom. We are by nature upper body centric and sometimes it doesn’t even occur to us that we can use our feet and legs in much the same way we use our arms. In this video […]

Z Guard (knee shield guard) Top

In class last week I did a lesson on Z guard top. I have my own favorite ways of dealing with this position from the top but I was interested in what kinds of things other instructors were teaching. I looked at a bunch of videos online to see what techniques were out there. After […]

Half Guard Bottom and Distance Management

For this post you’ll find a series of videos detailing half guard bottom and distance management. I was thinking the other day as I was preparing for class on how to teach distance management as it relates to self defense and half guard bottom. In it’s simplest form jiu jitsu is about managing space. Sometimes […]

Cross Side (Side Control) Bottom Frames

I shot these videos a while ago and never had the chance to write up a post so here it is… Cross side bottom is a game I’ve been really working lately. I don’t end up there a lot in sparring anymore but I’m interested in it a lot as a coach. White belts need […]

Survive, Defend, Attack

This post is going to be about a new paradigm idea I’ve been thinking about related to bottom position. I’ve been toying with the idea that all bottom positions are guards. That the distinction between guard and other bottom positions isn’t really necessary. Maybe mount bottom is just a really bad guard position? Anyway, I […]

Smash Pass Concepts

You can divide guard passing into 2 big categories- smash passes and finesse passes. Smash Pass- The way I define smash pass is hips engaged with the opponent at all times. When you are smash passing you will engage your hip with the other guy and not give any hip space until the pass is […]

Triangle Choke Fundamentals

Way back in the day when I was a purple belt I did a lot of triangle chokes. Chances are if I was lucky enough to tap you out it was with a triangle choke from guard bottom. Probably 8 out of 10 taps were triangles.  For some reason this sub just caught on with […]

Of Black Belts and Humility

If you have been paying any attention to BJJ news recently you will likely know that Enson Inoue came back from a long hiatus from Jiu Jitsu and demoted himself to purple belt in the process. Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt Demotes Himself To Purple Belt This set off a firestorm of opinions in both directions. Some […]

Omoplata Basics

*** Well, a friend pointed out that the bumper at the beginning of the videos says The Genle Art instead of The Gentle Art. Dang! I’ll fix when I get a chance. In the meantime sorry about the typo.   It was submission week this week in class and I decided to teach some basic […]

Mount Bottom Elbow Frames

In the video below I’m going to show you what I think is the most important part to mount bottom survival and escape. If you are doing the things I show in the video you are on your way towards escape. If you aren’t then you are in trouble. It’s as simple as that. The […]

Mount Bottom Leg Fighting

In the video below I’ll detail how to use your legs in mount bottom. If you do what I describe in the video you will be well on your way to escape. I’ve been interested lately in really detailing positions and finding exactly what works and why. Instead of teaching escapes as moves I’m more […]

Half Guard Bottom Frames and Posture Concepts- There is no guard

I finally had a chance to shoot something related to my “There is no guard” post. You’ll want to have that background before you read this post so if you haven’t read it yet go over there and give it a read. I’m continuing to work to find some universal concepts from bottom that can […]

What if There is No Guard?

Think of it as a thought experiment. What if there is no guard? What if the objectives from the bottom were the same no matter what the position? What if guard was the same as cross sides bottom? How could that be? These are some questions that I’ve been asking myself lately. I have a […]

Confessions of a hobbyist black belt

It’s interesting that much of what we see and hear from Jiu Jitsu black belts comes from well known guys and world champions. We form much of our understanding of what it means to be a black belt from these guys. It’s certainly a worthwhile goal to aspire to the achievements of the greats. There […]

The One Secret Trick to Getting Good at BJJ

                                                                          go to class regularly. listen to your instructor.                     […]

Cross Sides Bottom Series, escaping tight crossface pressure.

In this video I’ll go over how to create frames when you are really getting crossfaced tightly by the top guy. This makes it really hard to find a way to wedge in for inserting frames. You’ll see a couple of great ways of making space that are high percentage and easy to do.  My […]

Cross Sides Bottom Series, Post 2- Short Frames

In this video I’ll show how to build short frames from cross side bottom. I’ve found these frames to be extremely effective. The location of the frame in the armpit generates tremendous force and opens up a lot of space. Once you unlock the top guy from your upper body you’ll find plenty of room […]