Standing in Closed Guard

Standing up inside of closed guard has never been a go to position for me. I’ve always felt off balance when standing. I also don’t feel comfortable going upright. I feel like I could get swept at any time. Instead of abandoning the position entirely I decided to work it from a posture-pressure perspective.

What I did was to take what works well for me from knees and bring it upright. I took the standing guard breaks that I know and found a posture that works well with them all. The posture I found needed to have the following characteristics:

  1. Make one leg unavailable. Guard player can’t reach both legs.
  2. Balance- I must feel balanced in the position and be able to hold it well.
  3. Posture deficit- The other guy must feel like his posture is compromised. I must feel like my posture is solid.
  4. Versatility- Must have the possibility of multiple escapes/guard break.

So, I started with posture. The posture I settled on was simple and easy to build. One leg is forward and the other is back. The knee of the forward leg is in contact with the backside of the guard player. The knee is angled in towards his backside. It should feel like you are propping up his rear.

The back leg is both back and out. Your weight is centered between both legs for balance. Back leg is also mobile. It can be moved as needed to keep balance.

Video of Concept

Guard Breaks Using Posture

How to Stand in Closed Guard

Bonus: Stewart Sackett shows his version of the stand and break.


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